Oct 28

5 SEO Strategies For Cleantech Companies

5 SEO Strategies For Cleantech Companies Cleantech companies have a tremendous opportunity to increase traffic, leads and revenue by implementing an effective search engine optimization strategy. While many of the basic SEO principles can be found with base SEO searches, here are 5 outside of the box tips that will take your cleantech company’s SEO […]

Oct 01

4 Smart A/B Testing Tactics For Companies Serving The Energy Industry

Companies working in energy are gravitating to marketing their products and services online. As an online marketer, not only are you required to build an effective strategy that supports your direct sales team, but in many cases you could be held responsible for generating leads and revenue as well. Because your web presence is multi-faceted, […]

Sep 15

9 Tips To Building A Successful Energy Webinar Series

More and more companies working in the energy sector are choosing to leverage a webinar platform to generate leads and revenue. It is cheaper than trade shows or other live events and can help you better reach and engage your target customers. There are many theories about what it takes to make a webinar successful. […]

Sep 01

Green Marketing Tips For Your Business

Every business entity on the face of this planet is going to leave an environmental footprint during their lifetime – and your business is no exception. Of course, every business’s dream is to have zero waste output, but while you’re waiting for that dream to become a reality here are some simple, effective and very […]

Aug 15

How To Effectively Audit Your Energy Company’s Brand

Brand Auditing is a way for you to determine just how well a brand is doing. A brand audit differs from conventional branding research in that a brand audit takes into consideration and assesses the health of the brand’s relationship with all its major stockholders, including internal and external audiences. Brand research also tends to […]

Aug 01

How Companies Working In Energy Develop Marketing Plans

Marketing a company in the energy sector takes time, money and truck loads of preparation to become effective and help your business succeed. But before you even know what marketing action to take, you need to have a strong and detailed marketing plan to keep your energy company on track. One of the most important […]

Jul 15

4 Marketing Tips For Energy Start Ups

Making your energy start-up succeed isn’t as easy as having a great product and a razor sharp company logo. While it is very important that you have the greatest product or service the world has yet to see, it’s not enough to make sure your company doesn’t fall flat on its face a few weeks […]

Jul 01

8 Sustainability Branding Tips

More and more consumers now are reacting favorably to sustainability of brands. If they find that a brand does its part  and provides socio-ecological benefits through its services or products, the more they identify with the brand and become more loyal customers. It’s very important therefore to build up strong sustainability brands. Here are eight […]

Jun 15

Benefits of Identifying a Target Market

Clearly defining your target audience makes it much easier for you and your company to prepare and execute your marketing campaign. It’s very important therefore to first figure out who makes up your target market, before you even consider conceptualizing your advertisements. By clearly defining and focusing on your target market, you’ll receive bigger returns on your investment. […]

Jun 01

7 Critical Secrets To Marketing Success

With the right marketing, any business can potentially turn into a lucrative endeavor. Fail to properly market your business, however, and you will end up with the rest of the businesses out there who experience continuing expenses and stagnant revenues. Following are seven not-so-surprising secrets that successful businesses do to convince customer after customer to […]