Client: Center For Resource Solutions (CRS)

Service: Videos


The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), a national nonprofit that creates policy and market solutions to advance sustainable energy, wanted to improve the explanation of their Green-e program through 2 2-minute video commercials.

Interrupt Media:

• Strategized with CRS to develop a vision that best captured Green-e’s program benefits

• Lead pre-planning of tailor-made videos to include layout of the script, video footage, images, voice-over, music and animations

• Produced and edited 2 2-minute informational video commercials


• CRS is now using these videos as a key marketing and educational tool for educating potential Green-e participants

• Everyone loves the new videos and CRS cites an increased visibility for the Green-e program

• The videos’ high quality help reinforce the credibility of the Green-e program

Client Comments:

“Interrupt Media continues to be an excellent partner for us in developing video content. With our Green-e videos, they were able to take our ideas and rough content and turn them into professional-grade videos that we were proud to show to clients and partners. The videos are an integral part of our outreach and marketing plans, and we look forward to working with Interrupt Media on many more in the future.”  —Jennifer Martin, Executive Director, Center for Resource Solutions