Since the beginning

Interrupt Media has had multiple experiences working with start-ups. Our leadership, themselves have been involved in numerous successful start-up ventures. Whether it was a startup in software, hardware or even in clean tech, we have helped companies take those crucial first steps towards sustainable success. We have remained with them until proof of concept and beyond.

Everything you need

We know that start-up teams wear numerous hats. Our job as your marketing partner is to design the essential marketing elements needed to get you going. Whether it’s coming up with the company name, to developing your marketing plan, to implementing the plan…we will be the company extension that you need.

Interrupt Media can help your business by:

  • Designing your company logo
  • Creating your company tag line
  • Creating the company mission statement
  • Designing business cards
  • Developing your website
  • Creating investor presentations
  • Creating marketing collateral
  • Crafting a marketing plan

Starting a company can be challenging but, luckily, we have the expertise to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

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